CONVERSATIONS THAT CONNECT is the evolutionary child of the acclaimed program, Coaching Conversations that Work. This two day advanced communication training works on many levels. As you bring forward more of your inner resources in connecting with others, you invite in a possible future neither of you could have planned or foreseen.

One of the emerging themes in the development of business and social leaders is the presencing movement originating in Theory U (Otto Scharmer). This program helps you recognize and develop the skills to bring your presence into every one of your connections – from family, to work, to connecting with Nature. You, your life and your work are enriched by this. You can become a deep listener – one who can engage with others to open the door to the emerging future.

This certificate course includes presentations and demonstrations as well as engaging you in supervised practice and exercises. You’ll also receive coaching yourself. You can learn approaches and techniques that support highly effective communications that you can teach your clients, co-workers and family. And you can build the foundation for moving forward in your life in new and deeply satisfying ways.

Class size is limited so register early.

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