Our Work

We foster creative change in individuals and organizations through leadership development for you and your organization. Your renewed vision and purpose bring with them new talents, abilities and resources.

Our facilitators / mediators / coaches are a triple threat, bringing the power of all three disciplines to engagement in any one of them. Imagine facilitation that frees, coaching that transforms, mediation that rocks.

Coaching – Learn to coach yourself, inspire your team or board of directors, strike out powerfully in new directions. Revive your relationship or come to the best parting of the ways you can imagine. Inspire your negotiations. Fasten your seat belt.

Unlock group, family and team energy and effectiveness. The triple threat of coaching, facilitating and mediating serves participants well.

We coach, facilitate and mediate all at once, helping to bring what wants to happen out of what seems to be happening or not happening. Discover the possibilities.

Community Development
We work with non-profits to provide leadership development, advanced communication training and systemic support for those working on behalf of people marginalized by society: newcomers, those with handicaps and disabilities, the disadvantaged, children, students, aboriginals and those in need. And we provide direct services to their clients.

Some of our speaking topics include:
• Beyond Productivity: Business Comes Alive – elements of trust-building, and the art of the powerful question that elicits deeper knowledge and awareness from others
• Game Changers with Difficult People – get onside the people in dealing with the problem
• Leading from Any Chair – how you – all on your own – can transform meetings
• Change Management and the Art of Snowboarding – developing 360˚ awareness, responsiveness and delight
• Forgiveness is an Inside Job – do-it-yourself, once-and-for-all releasing the weight of what others have done

We develop leaders from the inside, out. With our advanced communication training, Executive Cafe Coaching Circles and conflict resolution capacity, we equip you to make a difference. Our trainings include Coaching Conversations that Work and the Coaching Conversations Leadership program.

Systemic Modeling – Constellation
We provide new ways of seeing what it is that drives current challenges and difficulties, leading to fresh insights into families and organizations. This frees the flow of love in families and energy in organizations.