Karen’s Story

Read how Karen changed her relationship with her mother for the better:

Despite having a very close relationship with my mother into my 30’s, I’ve found over the last couple of years that she doesn’t want to talk about “my issues.” If I tell her about a friend of mine or a relative of my husband’s who is sick or dying or has died, she expresses regret and then goes on to talk about what she’s going to serve her bridge club. If I don’t push a topic of mine it gets dropped. It got to the point where I was very glad to have Solitaire on my computer at work or a Sudoku puzzle on my table at home for while I was listening to her talk.

Through Barbara’s coaching in the Circles, I came to make an effort to interact more with what she was saying and to tell her I wanted to tell her something, too. After a few conversations, she seemed to start to listen. She even asked a question at one point.

We are communicating more honestly and effortlessly than we have in years. I attribute most of the improvement to my improved consciousness, which I attribute primarily to interactions and discussions with Barbara and the members of my Executive Café Coaching Circle. I am more thoughtful about both what she is saying, both explicitly and implicitly, and what I am saying both in reaction to her conversation and when initiated by me.

The improvements in our communicating is improving our relationship in that there is less tension and avoidance when we are on the phone. I have begun calling her a bit more often again, too.

I am looking forward to a Mother’s Day of love, understanding, communication and respect, from generation to generation in both directions. Thank you, Barbara. Karen F. Edmonton