Barbara Ashley Phillips


My background is in law, mediation, coaching, facilitating, training and speaking.

Barb July 2014 PS

My passion is inclusion – something I’ve pursued with everything I have. I know each of us is important in ways we cannot imagine and that exclusionary beliefs we took on through conditioning cheat us out of finding this in ourselves and in each other.

I operate the Mediterranean Edmonton Bed and Breakfast and provide facilitation services, coaching and advanced communication and leadership development training by contract.


Kate Regan, Ph.D.

I have been doing organizational consulting work for over twenty years.

Having held a variety of management positions, as well as external consulting contracts I have the ability to understand the internal pressures and politics of organizations as well the value of an outside perspective.  My work has been focused in three areas:

understanding the systemic nature of organizations and how to work with an organization’s culture when embarking on large scale change;

working with executives and leadership teams to design and develop strategies for implementing change; and designing and

delivering educational programs to develop leadership and communication skills at all levels of the organization.


Mary Johnson


I am a professional coach, trainer and facilitator with Bridgeworks Consulting – www.bridgeworksconsulting.ca, and a part of the Creative Attention team.

My coaching philosophy is focused on Personal Leadership, the foundation for being a leader at work and in life. Working with your personal style, strengths, an developing an awareness of your habits and hooks, you will see how you impact and influence your relationships. Knowing yourself will in turn help you to understand the people in your life.

A human relationships specialist for over 30 years, I draw on my early nursing skills and my experience in management and leadership roles across five different industries. I facilitate teams and work groups and deliver workshops.